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Regional Campus & Distance Education (RCDE)


This is a general guideline to help students with on-line RCDE registration.

Instructions to Register for Online and Broadcast RCDE Classes

  1. Open to USU homepage (
  2. Click on the Distance Education link on the left side of the page under USU Campuses.
  3. Click on the "Course Search " link on the left side.
  4. Select semester and Course Type.
  5. Select a subject (or view all) and select course. This brings up a screen with course description, days, time, CRN, etc. The student can write down the CRN and then go into Access to register, or they can select "add to cart".
  6. When all classes have been selected, go to "Checkout".
  7. The question comes up at the bottom "Have you taken classes at USU within the last 12 months?" This means if the student is admitted or not. If a student has been admitted they can register through Access even though they haven't taken any classes. If they have not been admitted and want to take an RCDE class, they should select "no". This brings up a form for them to fill out with Quick Admit information for RCDE.
  8. When Access opens it will keep the list of courses and CRN's in a column on the left, so when the student reaches the add/drop courses page, the numbers are listed in the left margin.
  9. Register through Access as usual.

Registration for Independent Study classes must be completed through the RCDE Website or in person at the Registrar’s office.


Regional Campus & Distance Education
1. Distance Education offers classes in three formats. What are they?
2. Where are online classes offered?
3. What is the closest RCDE campus to Logan?
4. How many Bachelor Degree programs does RCDE offer?
5. Does RCDE offer any Graduate Level programs? Name some if any.
6. Is it possible to complete a degree online?
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