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Elementary Education


The Elementary Education Department focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their Elementary Education training and being at Utah State University.

Helpful information includes:

Review the websites and the information about each general topic that you might need to know to provide to students as a Peer Advisor.

You will need to have access to each of the websites listed above to complete this module. Questions that can't be answered using the above websites should be directed to Denise Taylor.


Elementary Education
1. List and describe the non-coursework requirements for application to the ELED-Teacher Education Program.
2. List and describe the coursework requirements for Application to the ELED-Teacher Education Program.
3. What are the minimum grades required for the Core courses and major courses? When is it necessary for a student to repeat a Core course?
4. What are the ACT subsection minimums and the overall Composite minimum for program application?
5. What is the Residual ACT; how often and where can it be taken?
6. What does it mean that students can combine multiple ACT scores across tests to apply to the program? When they have done this, how is the Composite score computed?
7. Explain why it is important for a student to apply to the ELED-Teacher Education Program at their earliest opportunity? (Hint - Level II)
8. How are the K-6, ECE, ELED, ELED/SPED, K-6/SPED, ELED/DeafEdu and ECE/DeafEduc majors similar and how are they different?
9. How far in advance of program application should a student complete: Education Writing Exam, FBI/BCI USOE background check, Praxis exam, and ACT exam?
10. What are the fourteen Areas of Emphasis? What is the new Area of Emphasis?
11. How do you determine which Depth Education course areas are required by a student?
12. Which Depth Education course areas do SPED and Deaf Education students complete?
13. What are the math requirements for all students in the ELED-Teacher Education program and in what order should they be completed? How does this differ for students completing the Math Endorsement? How many semesters are permitted between math prerequisite courses and what is the Accuplacer math exam?
14. If a student earned an AP Calculus score of 4-5, what does that mean in terms of program application and math courses waived for the Math Endorsement?
15. List the Praxis II-Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test sections and the new minimum passing scores for each section.
16. What are the course numbers for the six TEAL prefix courses required to fulfill the ESL Endorsement and which three courses can be taken prior to program admission?
17. What are the minimum overall GPA and minimum Core GPA to apply to the program?
18. What is the Group Interview/Assessment and how does a student arrange an early Group Interview/Assessment?
19. Which courses are waived for a student who already has: A) completed an Associate Degree; B) an English ACT of 29; C) a Math ACT of 25?
20. Which Level II course may be completed prior to program admission? What is the new Level II course?
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