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Enrollment Services


In addition to all of the Student Services departments, there are several offices on campus that function in support of students and their enrollment. Many students utilize each of these services at some time during their time at Utah State. You have likely become familiar with them yourself as you have navigated the waters as a student.

  • The Admissions Office is where everyone begins. These are the people responsible for recruiting new students to Utah State and then guiding them through the admission process.
  • The Registration Office manages the load associated with enrolling students in courses, managing the academic records of all Utah Students (past and present) and seeing that students graduate as they are qualified to do so. There is also a "Matriculation Advisor" employed in this office to manage all of the academic standards concerns with students who do not do meet the minimum academic requirements for the University.
  • The Financial Aid Office is in place to manage and dispense financial aid and scholarship funds. The folks in this office can help students complete all necessary forms and requirements to apply for federal financial aid. They do not award scholarships but do assist in dispensing the funds.
  • The office of University Advising (UA) is one you should be familiar with as a Peer Advisor! UA oversees the University advising program and manages an advisement center for students who have not yet selected a major (undeclared) or who do not academically qualify to enter a major.
  • The office of Regional Campus & Distance Education manages the course offerings at all of the many Utah State University Regional Campus & Distance Education (RCDE) sites. They offer many courses through Independent Study and RCDE (interactive broadcast, online) as well as several degrees.

You will need to have access to the websites of these Offices to complete this module.


Spend time learning about each of these offices by looking at their websites (each website will open in a new window). What specific services does each one provide? Take notes of what kind of information a Peer Advisor may need to know about each one. Pay attention to the contact information for each office, hours of operation and how to navigate each one (forms, etc.). Return and compete the Practice section. Be prepared to contact each office to be able to properly answer the questions in the Practice section below.


Enrollment Services
1. Why would a student attending the Main Campus in Logan want to take a Continuing Education Course?
2. Which office is responsible for recruiting new students to USU? Who is the person responsible for recruiting transfer students?
3. What is the name and acronym of the form all students must complete before receiving any federal financial aid?
4. What is a Leave of Absence and what procedures must be followed when taking a leave of absence?
5. A student notices their transcript is wrong. Who do they contact to have the error fixed?
6. What are the Financial Aid - FAFSA Deadlines? When is the last day to sign up for financial aid in the Fall semester?
7. If my name were Bryan Mortensen, who would my Financial Aid Counselor be?
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