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Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies


The Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies Department focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their courses and being at Utah State University.

Helpful information includes:

Review the website and the information about each general topic that you might need to know to provide to students as a Peer Advisor.


Languages, Philosophy and Speech Communication
1. Are you intimidated when there are a number of people waiting in line to talk to you?
2. Can a student declare a French Minor with a 2.4 overall GPA?
3. How do you feel about students who procrastinate?
4. Do you have an interest in helping students solve course problems?
5. Does it bother you when a student asks a lot of questions?
6. Are you willing to share your knowledge of campus life here at Utah State?
7. Is there a Portuguese language test?
8. Can you speak to a class and share information about study abroad programs?
9. Can you create a letter or information sheet to mass email students?
10. Is it called Speech Communication or Communication Studies major?
11. Do you have to do an application process in order to get into Communication Studies and Global Communication?
12. Are you willing to work your Peer hours even when you are really busy with your own schoolwork?
13. What is your overall opinion about your academic experience here at Utah State?
14. Does it bother you when someone is late for an appointment?  Why?
15. How many upper division Spanish credits are required for a Spanish Minor?
16. How many days a week can you test for a language in our office?
17. Can you test out of any upper division classes?
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