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The Registration Office manages the load associated with enrolling students in courses, managing the academic records of all Utah Students (past and present) and seeing that students graduate as they are qualified to do so. There is also a matriculation function in this office to manage all of the academic standards concerns with students who do not do meet the minimum academic requirements for the University.

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1. Holds can prevent students from class registration and withhold student transcripts needed for graduation. How do you check if a student has a hold and how can you help a student remove a hold?
2. Waitlists are extremely helpful to assist students in getting into classes that may be full at the time. How do you help a student add a class to a waitlist?
3. When a student is on a waitlist and receives an email that they can register for the class, how long does a student have to register before they are dropped from the waitlist?
4. Can a student get on a waitlist for more than one section of the same course?
5. Regarding late registration, what is the transaction fee for a student to add a class past the published add deadline?
6. If a student desires a Pass/Fail Option, what is the minimum grade they can receive to pass (P) the class?
7. What is the website that students must go to in order to complete a leave of absence or completely withdraw from their classes and the university?
8. If a student drops a course following the first 20 percent of the semester, what will appear on their transcript?
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