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One of the most important things for an Academic Advisor to understand is just what resources are available to them and how to use each of those resources to the fullest. In this section, we will introduce you to the following:

  • The online General Catalog is updated annually by the Registrar's Office to serve as an introductory document to Utah State University. The catalog contains information about many University policies and procedures and information about University academic and auxiliary departments. Perhaps the most used portion of the catalog is the comprehensive listing of course descriptions for each academic department.
  • Major Requirement Sheets are updated annually by academic departments and the Registrar's Office. These documents are available for students to use when trying to determine and understand specific program requirements. Each major at Utah State has a Major Requirement Sheet.

You will need access to the General Catalog, and Major Requirement Sheets to complete this module.


Spend time becoming familiar with each of the above resources. Look closely at how the General Catalog and Major Requirement Sheets are organized. Consider the target audiences of each. Be prepared to use these documents in a mock advising session.


Advising Resources
1. Why is it important for a student to understand the online General Catalog. What information can be found there? (Name 5)
2. How many schools are included in the online Transfer Guide located in the online General Catalog?
3. Explain the importance of the Major Requirement Sheets and how you may use them in an advising session.
4. Every student must finish the General Education requirements. What are 3 different classes that can be taken for the Breadth Physical Science (BPS)?
5. What are the prerequisite classes for Psy 3400?
6. When is the last day a student can drop a class without receiving a 'W' on their transcript?
7. How many total retakes does a student have? How many times can they retake one class?
8. What are the eight Colleges at Utah State?
9. Do transfer students who already have an Associate degree need to finish their General Education?
10. What are the acronyms QI and CI stand for?
11. What are the requirements need to make the Dean’s list (Honor Roll) each semester?
12. What is considered “Good Academic Standing?”
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