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The Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Department focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their Sociology training and being at Utah State University.

A helpful resource includes:

Review this source and the information about each general topic that you might need to know to provide to students as a Peer Advisor.

You will need to have access to this website listed above to complete this module.


1. What classes are prerequisites to take Sociology 3110, Sociological Methods?
2. Can a student take Sociology 3120 if they have had one Social Work Class, one Anthropology class, and passed Statistics 1040 with a C- or better?
3. Do students have to have completed all of the required classes to take the sociology capstone classes?
4. If a student is taking a minor in sociology, and they have taken sociology 1020, social problems, can they take Sociology 1010 and count it as part of the 9 credits of electives for the minor?
5. Can a student who is minoring in Sociology count FCHD 2400 or Psychology 3510, Social Psychology, for the Minor in Sociology?
6. Explain how you take a Readings, Sociology 4900 class in Sociology.
7. Can you take a teaching Major or Minor in Sociology if you are working with the College of Teacher Education and Leadership for a Secondary Education teaching Certification?
8. What overall GPA must you have in order to declare a sociology major at USU?
9. To graduate in sociology from USU, what overall GPA must you have in your sociology classes?
10. Does a 2.49 GPA round up to 2.5 in order to declare sociology as your major at USU?
11. Is it true that you must have a C- or better in all of your sociology classes, or any classes that you count for your major, to use them for the major?
12. Is there an honors program available in sociology?
13. Can you take a class pass/fail for your major, even if it is Statistics 1040?
14. List at least one job, beginning with each letter of SOCIOLOGY, that someone can get with a Bachelors degree in Sociology.
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