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Student Services


The Student Services Division of the University focuses on how best to support students and help them succeed with their schooling.

Other helpful information includes:

You will need to have access to each of the websites listed above to complete this module.


Explore the website of each of the Student Services departments above. Read their mission statements. Take the time to browse through each site and take notes of what kind of information about each service that you might need to provide to students as a Peer Advisor. Match the student service with its description.


Student Services
1. Do you have a student who is short on cash for school? Come here for information on: loans, grants, work study, and both on and off campus jobs.
2. Here you can send students to get their textbooks and other school supplies including: computer and office supplies, Aggie merchandise, and decorations. This is where they go to pick up their textbooks after they have ordered them thru Book-It.
3. Students interested in sports can come here to join an intramural sport or club team. There are over 20 different options including: basketball, sorrer, tennis, and disc golf.
4. Do you have a student who is stressed out with classes, fighting with his or her roomates or just misses their dog? This place offers counseling for: eating disorders, depression, relationships, and pet therapy.
5. Send students here to "get involved" on campus. They can find information about one of the 200 clubs or organizations available on campus to join.
6. Send students here to buy a campus parking pass or pick up an Aggie shuttle map.
7. This is like a free doctor's office on campus. Students don't have to be insured to see a doctor, they just need their ID card. This service provides: nutrition counseling, flu shots, alcohol/drug education, and assalt prevention.
8. Need help getting ready for your career? This place helps you: proof your resume, job interview prep, and connects you with internships with various companies.
9. There are 11 of these around campus. Each student gets 30 free printouts each semester and then printouts are six cents after that. All you need is your student ID card.
10. Come here to rent outdoor equipment such as: skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes, kayaks, and more.
11. Do you have a student with an English paper that is stressing them out? This place will help them: brainstorm ideas, organize their essay, and correct grammatical errors.
12. Students come here to get their ID card. They can also add money to their ID card to use it like a debit card around campus.
13. Do you have a student in need of some extra academic help? Send them here to get information about: tutoring, academic idea sheets, and Psychology 1730 and Strategies for Academic Success classes.
14. Students with multicultural backgrounds can come here to receive academic and social outreach through various academic, leadership and social programs offered by this office.
15. Students who qualify can come here for resources to University programs, services, and activities as required by the American with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Some services include: note takers, assistive technology, alternative formatted materials, and sign language interpreters.
16. Do you have a student with questions about on-campus housing or dining options? Students can come here to find out about: theme housing, on-campus dining plans, and married housing.
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