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University Studies


Often simply called "Gen Ed" or "Generals," completion of the University Studies requirements is necessary for all Utah State graduates. While the requirements are essentially the same for all students, there are several variations and recommendations for different majors. For example, for some majors there are courses that meet both a major requirement and a University Studies requirement. It is important that Peer Advisors understand these kinds of things for the majors they advise. Peer Advisors should comfortably understand what the University Studies requirements are and why they are important.

The University Studies requirements are outlined in detail in the General Catalog. The University Studies website outlines the requirements and has links to detailed information explaining the objectives of the program and the criteria that need to be met for a course to be included.

Simply put, University Studies consists of two portions; General Education and Depth Education.

  • General Education includes Competency requirements (such as Mathematics, English and the Computer and Information Literacy (CIL) exams) and Breadth requirements.
  • Depth Education includes courses that are quantitative intensive, communication intensive as well as Depth requirements which are similar to Breadth requirements but are at a higher level.

University Studies diagram

University Studies is an integral part of every student's experience; in both lower-division and upper-division courses. A solid University Studies foundation, combined with concentrated study in a major discipline and interdisciplinary studies, provides the breadth and depth of knowledge qualifying USU graduates as educated citizens.

You will need access to the online General Catalog to complete this module.


Find the University Studies requirements in the General Catalog. Make yourself familiar with the requirements. Look at the Major Requirement Sheet for your major and determine whether there are specific recommendations for your major.


University Studies
Match the USU prefix class that fulfills each specific Breadth requirement.
1. USU 1300
2. USU 1320
3. USU 1330
4. USU 1340
5. USU 1350
6. USU 1360
7. (At least) How many USU Prefix courses does a student need to take?
8. Scenario: A student you are advising seems bothered by some of the required University Studies courses and asks, "Why do I have to take these classes if they are irrevelant to my major? "How should you respond?
9. What two classes can be taken in which the CIL Exams are fulfilled as part of the class?
10. What is a prerequisite course and how do I find them?
11. What kind of classes can be taken to fulfill the Exploratory requirement?
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