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Plutarch Among the Barbarians

The Inaugural Meeting of the North American Sections of the International Plutarch Society, 14 to 16 March 2014, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Egidia Occhipinti, More Greek or Barbarian? Plutarch's Portrait of the Greekness of Sicily

Jared Secord, Barbarization, Good Birth, and the Determinants of Hellenic Identity in Plutarch

Erin Edward Garvin, Barbarian Corruption and the Virtue of the Monarch in Plutarch's Lives

Rebecca Kingston, Plutarch and the "Barbarian Invasions"

Frances B. Titchener, Side by Side by Plutarch

W. Jeffrey Tatum, Antiquated Romans

Michael Nerdahl, Plutarch's Romans: Civilized and Civilizing Barbarians

Frederick E. Brenk, Plutarch the Greek in the Roman Questions

Joseph Geiger, Plutarch and the Jews: A Reconsideration

James Chlup, Crassus and the Parthians in Plutarch's Life of Crassus

Lydia Tjapkes-Langerwerf, Death and Despair: Spartacus' virtus and Gladiatorial Despair

Toph Marshall, Plutarch and Athenian Comedy

Eran Almagor, Achaemenid Persia in Plutarch and the Second Sophistic: Between Rome and Parthia


Philip Stadter, Barbarian Parallels?

Colin Bailey, Plutarch's Praecepta: The Statesman in the Roman Greek City

Kris Trego, Redefining the Statesman: Plutarch's construction of identity in the Praecepta gerendae reipublicae

Rebecca Frank, Choosing Sources: Legitimate and Illegitimate Rule in the Alexander-Caesar Pairing

Timothy Howe, Fighting on Hydaspes: Ptolemy as a Source for Plutarch's Alexander

Anthony Podlecki, Plutarch in fifth-century Athens

Christopher Pelling, Plutarch the Multiculturalist: Is West Always Best?

Sarah Brown Ferrario, Demosthenes' Shield and Philip's 'Poetry' in Plutarch, Demosthenes 20

Frances Pownall, De Philippi Fortuna aut Virtute, Or Why Plutarch did not Write a Life of Philip II of Macedon

Susan Jacobs, Plutarch: Practicing the Ancestors' Art of Statesmanship

Patrick Hogan, Common Tables: A Political Analysis of Table Talks II.10 (642f-644d)

Craig Cooper, Plutarch's Perception of Persians

Katie Cupello, Culture and Ambiguity in Plutarch's Antony





The Society exists to further the study of Plutarch and his various writings and to encourage scholarly communication between those working on Plutarchan studies.

The International Plutarch Society maintains this site as a service to its members. We will include here up-to-date information, mainly on conferences, of interest to our membership. Please feel free to e-mail us with your comments or material for suggested inclusion.