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Updated: 5 May 2014

Disclaimer: This bibliography is continually under construction. We have been making corrections and additions over the years, but if you have any corrections or additions, please feel free to contact Dr. Titchener and/or the editorial staff of Ploutarchos. All abbreviations follow the forms established by L'Annee Philologique.

Items identified with an asterisk (*) are currently in the Resource Center at Utah State University. I will be happy either to lend books for a brief period or copy articles on request. Email me to request an item. This list is complete in that it reflects all holdings, but it is in poor shape as far as typographical errors in the citations. Please feel free to notify us of any particularly egregious errors; we will continue to proofread and correct as we go along.

 -Fran Titchener

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The Society exists to further the study of Plutarch and his various writings and to encourage scholarly communication between those working on Plutarchan studies.

The International Plutarch Society maintains this site as a service to its members. We will include here up-to-date information, mainly on conferences, of interest to our membership. Please feel free to e-mail us with your comments or material for suggested inclusion.