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Copyright and Model Release

When to Use Copyright Release

Always get written permission to use someone else’s photo or design, even when the circumstance does not require a signed copyright release form; e.g., on social media.

Get a signed copyright release whenever the photo/video will be:

  • Put to commercial use (defined as selling the photo or video such as in a calendar or on a T-shirt)
  • Made prominent on our USU website
  • Included on print materials we cannot recall back (DVDs, viewbook, marketing brochures)

When to Use Model Release

Get a signed model release whenever:

  • The model is under 18
  • The image is included in materials we cannot recall back (DVDs, viewbook, marketing brochures)
  • The image is attached to personal info about that model; e.g. name, major, year in school or hometown
  • The image is included in campaigns of a sensitive nature; e.g. sexual assault, addiction or mental health campaigns. Please also ensure models are informed if their images will be used in a subject-sensitive campaign such, and be as specific as possible.

For those under 18-years-old, use the release forms for minors, and save release forms with your project file so they can be recalled easily if a conflict arises.

Release Forms

For general inquiries:

For media resources, visit:
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state and federal holidays
Location: Public Relations & Marketing building
Mailing address: Utah State University | Media Relations 0500 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-0500