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Utah State University Visual Identity Program

A new university logo and visual identity program has been adopted. Implementation began August 25, 2008. The new program, reviewed and adopted by President Stan L. Albrecht, the university executive committee and USU Board of Trustees, outlines parameters for the proper use of its marks and symbols to guide our collective communication efforts.

A visual identity program provides specific guidelines to help users correlate and integrate communications university-wide. This program will result in a strong and focused image that will elevate Utah State University's position, prominence and recognition.

A visual identity program identifies an institution's brand mark and provides a process for ensuring that its mark is pervasively and properly used. A strong brand encapsulates the unique characteristics and traits of the institution it symbolizes. A brand's impact depends upon focused usage that is uniform, consistent and widely used. As we continually strive to provide students with exceptional high-quality programs, we must never underestimate the importance of our institutional identity.

This guideline provides use and directions for reproducing the university logo. In addition, it provides acceptable marks for secondary uses and includes the official university color palette, typography, stationery system and approval process for all university marketing communications.

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Thank you.

John DeVilbiss,
Public Relations & Marketing

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