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Criteria for Approved Depth Courses

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  1. Courses must be at the 3000 level or above and demand a level of intellectual maturity appropriate for upper division students.
  2. Courses must support and promote the goals of the University Studies program as stated in the "Citizen Scholar" objectives.
  3. Citizen Scholar objectives of the University Studies program: understand processes of acquiring knowledge; enable students to address problems in a broad context; recognize different ways of thinking, creating, expressing and communicating through a variety of media; understand diversity in value systems and cultures in an interdependent world; and develop a capacity for self-assessment and lifelong learning. Additional aspects of the Citizen Scholar experience that could be covered but that are not include: providing a foundation for better understanding the scientific method, and understanding science issues involving the global community.
  4. Courses should achieve a significant number of the content and pedagogical criteria for the appropriate breadth category.
  5. Courses should truly add depth by building on the knowledge or skills from the appropriate breadth courses.

Approval Process:

Departments will be asked to recommend courses by submitting a General Education Course Approval request, course syllabi, and a one-page memo explaining how the course meets the requirements for depth humanities (available on the website under the "forms" section). The initial evaluation of courses will be made by the faculty committee representing the appropriate breadth area (e.g., The Social Sciences Committee for depth courses in that area). The General Education Subcommittee and the Educational Policies Committee will make the final decision.