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Approval Process for New Academic Programs

Flow Chart

flow chart

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Once proposals are approved by the Educational Policies Committee, their status will be noted on the Program Proposals Status page.

Contact information

Educational Policies Committee:Larry Smith, 797-0718
Cathy Gerber, 797-1014
Council of Teacher Education:Francine Johnson, 797-2714
Budget & Faculty Welfare Committee:Vance Grange, 797-2702
Graduate Council:Mark McLellan, 797-1183
General Education Subcommittee:Norm Jones, 797-1293
Academic Standards Subcommittee:Scot Allgood, 797-7433
Curriculum Subcommittee:Ed Reeve, 797-3642
Faculty Senate: Glenn McEvoy, 797-2375
Joan Kleinke, 797-1776
Board of Trustees:Michelle Larson, 797-1121
Board of Regents: Michelle Larson, 797-1121