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Flipped Class Video 1-Day Workshop

Are you interested in applying the flipped learning model to your classes, but you do not know where to start?  If so, this interactive event is for you.  During this daylong workshop, Rich Etchberger will present information from the literature on how to apply the major principles of multimedia instructional design. Understanding this framework is essential for producing effective flipped class materials. He will then review the major technologies used to produce a flipped class including how to record a screencast lecture using Powerpoint and Camtasia.  Rich will also provide information on how to record and edit videos to use in your classes. For the workshop, Rich will supply 10 Apple laptop computers for participants to work on in groups. He also will have many examples of the video hardware that he uses including cameras, microphone systems, and editing software. Workshop participants will get plenty of hands-on experience with this technology as they produce their own lectures and videos. There will be ample time for questions and interaction between workshop participants.  Participants are encouraged to preview and review workshop materials at the workshop website: