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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Provost’s Office values diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion as central to our pursuit for academic excellence, discovery and engagement. To advance social and intellectual diversity, the Provost’s Office actively promotes the following programs and initiatives, yet this offering is not exhaustive. For more information, contact Vice Provost Janis L. Boettinger at (435) 797-8176 or

Access & Diversity Center
The mission of the Access & Diversity Center is to promote access, enhance students’ educational experience, partner for retention, foster responsible citizenship, and develop diverse student leaders at Utah State University.

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
The office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunnity advises and assists the USU community in ensuring an equal opportunity environment, free of illegal discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment) and assists with proactive efforts to create a gender and ethnically diverse community of students, faculty, and staff, in order to redress imbalances and enrich the University experience.

Diversity Council
The Diversity Council is an action-oriented body, rather than one that simply researches and/or identifies issues, that is actively-engaged in addressing diversity issues across all campuses and centers of Utah State University.

Office of Global Engagement
The Office of Global Engagement promotes Utah State University's globalization and diversity by welcoming students from around the world and sending domestic students to partner institutions in 50 countries in hopes of creating a global network on and off campus that thrives with multi-cultural perspectives, language, awareness, and acceptance.

Inferfaith Initiative
Interfaith Initiative identifies resources and provides tools for sharing authentically about our most closely held religious (or lack-of-religious) commitments, for engaging more productively with those who hold different views than we do and for building community across potential “faith-divides” on our campus.

The Center for Women & Gender
The Center for Women & Gender (CWG) is an academic entity at Utah State University that strives to create a professional and social climate focused on enhancing opportunities for women and men. The CWG has a strong social justice mission, and all students, faculty, and advocates who are interested in exploring and addressing the challenges of intersectionalities (gender and ethnicity; gender and culture; gender and religion, etc.) will find an intellectual home with the Center.