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Electronic Dossier Information

As of the 2015-2016 academic year, Utah State University will use an electronic dossier (“e-dossier”) process for review of faculty for promotion and tenure as well as the third year review of probationary tenure-track faculty. The e-dossier was designed to be user-friendly and efficient both for the faculty member who builds the dossier and the reviewers of the dossier (advisory committee members, department heads, deans, etc.). The Utah State e-dossier is housed on the Equella platform and modeled after the electronic promotion and tenure process used at the University of Utah. It is a cloud based system that has high security, flexibility, and longevity.


Below are several resources to help you learn more about the USU e-dossier system.


College Dossier Administrators:

As USU’s e-dossier system is managed at the local level, each academic unit has designated college dossier administrators (CDAs) who have undergone thorough training in the e-dossier system. They will be the primary contact for the use of e-dossiers within their unit. Any faculty member needing to create an e-dossier account should contact their CDA. Likewise, dossier reviewers at all levels should do the same. Below is a list of the CDAs at USU by unit. Other questions about e-dossiers should be directed to Lauren Skousen (; (435) 797-1166) or Neal Legler, Center of Innovative Design and Instruction (; (435) 797-1903). 

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences and University Extension
Tammy Firth:; (435) 797-2201

Caine College of the Arts
Elaine Olson:; (435) 797-7942
Nicholas Morrison:; (435) 797-3506

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Robin Wheelwright:; (435) 797-0887

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
Shannon Johnson:; (435) 797-1470
Shelley Lindauer:; (435) 797-1532
Amy Wilberg:; (435) 797-5831

College of Engineering
Melanie Ivans:; (435) 797-2021

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Natalie Archibald Smoot:; (435) 797-2796

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources
Traci Hillyard:; (435) 797-2452

College of Science
Lisa Berreau:; (435) 797-3509
Sarah Los:; (435) 797-2478

University Libraries
Trina Shelton:; (435) 797-2631

Please note that all Regional and Eastern faculty should contact the CDA of the academic college they are housed in.