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Post Tenure Review

The USU Policy Manual (405.12.2) requires that each tenured faculty member will be reviewed every five years. Based on consultation with the deans, the following procedures are suggested for this process:

1. To start the process, 20% of professors in each college will be reviewed each year, starting with those who have been at the rank of professor the longest, and continuing until all have undergone post tenure review. At the same time, 20% of associate professors in each college who have been at the associate level for at least five years will be reviewed each year, starting with those who have been associate professors the longest, and continuing until all have either undergone review or have been promoted to professor.

2. The Policy Manual specifies that the post tenure review committee shall consist of "at least three tenured faculty members who hold rank equal to or greater than the faculty member being reviewed. The committee shall be appointed by the department head or supervisor in consultation with the faculty member and the director (where applicable), dean, or vice president and shall include at least one member from outside the academic unit. Department heads and supervisors shall not serve on this committee."405.12.2

3. The individual to be reviewed will prepare and provide to the review committee a file consisting of:

  • role statement
  • vita
  • course evaluations for the last five years and any peer evaluations of teaching that has been conducted
  • department head's summary of recent annual reviews
  • any other information deemed necessary by the faculty member to facilitate a fair evaluation

4. The review committee will make an overall assessment of the individual's performance and also provide comments. As specified in the Policy Manual (405.12.2), the standard for appraisal shall be: whether the faculty member under review discharges conscientiously and with professional competence the duties appropriately associated with his or her position as specified in the role statement.... The review will be disciplined and role specific, as appropriate to evaluate: 1) teaching, through student, collegial, and administrative assessment; 2) the quality of scholarly and creative performance and/or research productivity; and 3) service to the profession, the University, and the community." It should be noted that this section of the Policy Manual explicitly states: "The criteria for the award of tenure or promotion to the most senior ranks shall not be employed for the review of the tenured faculty."

5. The committee's report will be sent to the department head who will forward a copy to the dean and to the faculty member. As a result of information received during the post tenure review process, the department head may initiate the negotiation of a professional development plan in accordance with the procedures in the Policy Manual (405.12.3) or take other actions deemed necessary.

6. Deans, department heads, and other full time administrators will be reviewed every five years as administrators and do not fall under this policy.

For more information on the P&T process or for specific questions concerning Post Tenure Review Process, please contact:
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