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Barry M. Goldwater Scholars

2014 Scholars

  • David Griffin, Physics and Computer Science
  • Rachel Nydegger, Physics and Mathematics
  • Austin Spencer, Biology and German, Honorable Mention

2013 Scholars

  • J. Tyler Gish, Chemistry and Physics
  • Jordan Rozum, Physics and Mathematics

2012 Scholars

  • Mitch Dabling, Civil Engineering
  • Sarah Mousley, Mathematics
  • Jordan Rozum, Physics and Mathematics, Honorable Mention
  • Rachel Ward, Physics and Mathematics, Honorable Mention

2011 Scholars

  • Brian Tracy, Physics
  • Brooke Siler, Biochemistry and Economics
  • Linsey Johnson, Physics
  • Karen Nielson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Honorable Mention

2010 Scholars

  • Daniel Fenn, Physics
  • Justin Koeln, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Robert Call, Physics, Honorable Mention

2009 Scholars

  • Cody Tramp, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Taren McKenna, Physics and Mathematics
  • Brian J. Myers, Physics, Honorable Mention

2008 Scholars

  • Jodie Barker-Tvedtnes, Physics
  • Tamara Jeppson, Geology and Physics
  • Cody Tramp, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Honorable Mention
  • Sydeny Chamberlin, Physics and Mathematics, Honorable Mention

2007 Scholars

  • Art Mahoney, Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Jennifer Albretsen-Roth, Physics
  • Jodie Tvedtnes, Physics, Honorable Mention

2006 Scholars

  • Heidi Wheelwright, Physics
  • Logan McKenna, Electrical Engineering
  • Keith Warnick, Physics, Honorable Mention

2004 Scholars

  • David Hatch, Physics
  • Stephanie J. Chambers, Biology

2002 Scholar

  • Jamie B. Jorgensen, Physics

2001 Scholar

  • Lara Anderson, Physics and Mathematics

1998 Scholar

  • Jeff Jacobs, Mechanical Engineering

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