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A hallmark of an undergraduate education at Utah State University is hands-on learning, evidenced in activities such as undergraduate research, service learning, and meaningful academic employment.

The benefits of the UTF program are several. First, the students selected to serve as Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are among the best in participating departments. In contrast to a scholarship that offers a one-time benefit, the UTF program not only offers financial support to worthy students but also gives these students important skills and experience that can translate into enhanced résumés that position them well for graduate studies or employment.

For more information on the UTF program contact:

Janet Anderson
Vice Provost
(435) 797-2104

Frances B. Titchener
Professor of History and Classics
Main 3211
(435) 797-1298

Dr. Titchener is featured in the UTF Orientation meeting video for faculty and students which can be viewed from this page.

The Associate Dean in each college oversees the college administration of the UTF program. Their names can be found in the UTF Guidebook which can be viewed from this page.