USU Dems, USU Republicans, and USU Libertarians debate the electoral college.

The word of the day is “BELLICOSE,” which means inclined to fighting.

The weather for today: The low is 20 degrees and it’s expected to get up to 42 degrees.

Speaking of weather… Climate change. The North Pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal right now, while sea ice covering the polar region is at a record low.

Nearly 150 protesters filled Logan’s streets; marching to protest hate.

Logan City Police arrested Jordan Larsen for allegations of voyeurism on Wednesday. Police charged Larsen with three counts of voyeurism. One count occurred on campus in the cashier’s office of the Taggart Student Center, the others occurred elsewhere in the city of Logan. On Sept. 21st Cache County Deputy Attorney Barbara Lachmar agreed to set a bail for $5,000, which is bondable.