The word of the day is “sedulous,” which means persevering; eager and thorough.

Today’s holiday is National Fast Food day. Though it’s a slam in the face because just yesterday Taco Bell decided to re-brand as a dine-in restaurant. They want to compete with Chipotle. #longlivetacobell #no

Trump’s team and the Democratic party are shaking up their leadership positions. Republicans re-nominated Paul Ryan for House Speaker. It’s awkward because he and Trump don’t get along.

Also, Dems decided to postpone nominating a minority leader. Until now, it’s been Nancy Pelosi. But with last week’s election upset, that’s yet to be determined.

#flotus, AKA Michelle Obama, is upset that an immigrant is taking over her job. (JK… I saw that on a meme and I thought that was funny.)

50 USU students stood in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter last night near Old Main.

Also, USU’s Flannel Friday is in full swing. Aggies don their greatest nicest flannel to indicate to people that they’re single…. and ready to mingle….

A new animated short shows Robo-Trump who destroys a mariachi band.