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Album of the Week: Polygondwanaland

Tracks to check out: Crumbling Castles, Polygondwanaland, The Fourth Colour, Horology, Loyalty

This week’s featured album is Polygondwanaland, the 4th album released this year by the prolific musical gladiators from down-under, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The band has lead us on quite the a journey this year, one that included the nonconventional microtones from Flying Microtonal Banana and the destruction of everything via metal and spoken word from Murder of the Universe. With fellow band members from the land of marsupials and monotremes, The Mild High, we floated on gorgeous clouds of melody with the release of Sketches from Brunswick East. 

With the latest release, prepare yourself for a voyage to the futuristic super-continent of Polygondwanaland. This album features many things we know and love about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, such as microtones, amazing drum fills, driving guitar rhythms, flute melodies, and even a little spoken word. But what’s new is the use of many layers of synthesizers, making this their most electronic album yet.

Something else worth noting is the fact that the band released this album totally free for download, with instructions on how to even go about downloading appropriate files for pressing vinyl of this album. You can own this week’s featured album yourself by going to and downloading Polygondwanaland. 

This thanksgiving, I am thankful for Polygondwanaland, all the great tunes that have been released by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard this year, and the 5th album that they will be releasing before the end of 2017!


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