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Album review: Trudy and the Romance – Junkyard Jazz EP

What will the 2010s ultimately be remembered for in terms of artistic creation? It seems that our current decade is having trouble constructing its own identity, opting to be nostalgic and sentimental instead of wholly original. For musicians especially, it’s been trendy to emulate the sounds of decades passed. This is by no means a complaint. After all, it is leading to some amazing fusions of classic vibes with modern recording technology.

Junkyard Jazz is one of the latest manifestations of the aforementioned phenomenon. Somewhere between the upbeat harmonization of The Beach Boys and the angst-filled anthems of The Strokes, Trudy and the Romance seamlessly offers a mixture of fifties pop and modern rock and roll. The Liverpool trio has steadily released single after single since 2014, and has finally put together an EP worth touring.

The 5 song debut spans a wee total of thirteen minutes, but it is packed with personality. It’s full of spirited, yet simple, composition fit for a live crowd. Junkyard Jazz romanticizes the doo-wop scene of the fifties with aptly title tracks “Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll” and “Junkyard Cat” leading their attempt to revolutionize modern pop music. Fitting to the album’s title, there is something trashy about this group in the best of ways. Junkyard Jazz is evocative, fun, and completely over the top. It’s pure musical entertainment, asking for nothing more than to be treated as such. They’re a refreshing change up from their weightier contemporaries, giving us a taste of something new that is easy to enjoy.

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