Board of Directors

Station Manager: Responsible for the supervision of Aggie Radio on an organizational level. The Station Manager supervises the Board of Directors, represents Aggie Radio on the Student Media Advisory Board, and works closely with other campus organizations to ensure the Aggie Radio has a presence on campus. The station manager will direct large projects such as recruitment, representation in the Utah College Radio network, and outreach campaigns. The Station Manager also ensures the quality and appropriateness of Aggie Radio’s Content.

Assistant Station Manager/ Event Coordinator: Coordinates and supervises the off-air content of Aggie Radio and supervises events, marketing, and technical directors. The Assistant Station Manager also coordinates Aggie Radio’s regular events by scheduling bands and reaching out to sponsors.

Technical Director: Supervises the technical aspects of Aggie Radio. The Technical Director is knowledgeable in regards to all the software/hardware that Aggie Radio uses to produce shows. The technical director is responsible for training DJs on processes and procedures.

Marketing Director: The Marketing director supervises the advertising campaign of Aggie Radio. The Marketing Director supervises a marketing committee in promoting, shows, events, and the station as a whole.

News Programming Director: Supervises news content on Aggie Radio. The News Director will supervise a daily news show and produce news segments to be played during the rest of the day. The NPD will also supervise a news committee and assign stories and “beats” to reporters, and will oversee content for the Aggie Radio Website.

Sports Programming Director: Will work closely with campus sports organizations to report and broadcast games. The SPD will supervise a daily sports talk show and will assign reporters to provide content for the Aggie Radio website and sports segments.

Music Programming Director: Will supervise music shows and provide music content for Aggie Radio. The MPD will work closely with the Music Director and Event Coordinator to decide which bands will be played on Aggie Radio, how music shows will be organized, and which bands to book for large events.

Music Director: Will work with promoters and musicians to ensure that Aggie Radio’s music Selection is up to date and appealing. The MD will organize the music within the library, select music for playlists, and audit music shows regularly for content.


For more information on the positions above contact:

Nathan Laursen