Aggie Morning Word Podcast: National Fast Food Day

The word of the day is “sedulous,” which means persevering; eager and thorough. Today’s holiday is National Fast Food day. Though it’s a slam in the face because just yesterday Taco Bell decided to re-brand as a dine-in restaurant. They want to compete with Chipotle. #longlivetacobell #no Trump’s team and the Democratic party are shaking […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Michael Winslow! Where are you now?

Today is national Dunce Day, and also the day we elect this nation’s president. Coincidence? Today is the last day to vote at a physical polling location. If you’re a Logan resident, that’s the Cache County Clerk’s Office A mysterious ping has been heard on the bottom of the Arctic, in Northern Canada. Is Michael […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Trump is grounded from his own Twitter account

Your word of the day is “auriferous” (aw-rif-uh-russ), which means containing gold. A 5.0 earthquake rocked Cushing, Oklahoma, on Sunday. Scientists say it’s due to fracking in the Midwest. Today is the last day to vote-by-mail. You can turn in your ballots at any mail box or on the TSC third floor. If you use […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Yeti spotting on Halloween

  The Wordies celebrated Halloween by talking about a funeral home that accidentally buried the wrong body. Josh tells you all about how we all live in The Twilight Zone. #BradAsks what is your biggest fear? A yeti brings you the weather report from 12-feet in the air. Gary Nate joined the Wordies in the […]


Chewing the Fat: You Are Brushing Your Teeth With Pig Lard

America is definitely a corn-fed population…. but we are fed a lot of other things too. We also get a lot of our everyday things from livestock who are eating the same corn that we are. This same corn also makes pretty much everything you own… A lot more people are tied to agriculture than […]