Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Michael Winslow! Where are you now?

Today is national Dunce Day, and also the day we elect this nation’s president. Coincidence? Today is the last day to vote at a physical polling location. If you’re a Logan resident, that’s the Cache County Clerk’s Office A mysterious ping has been heard on the bottom of the Arctic, in Northern Canada. Is Michael […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Trump is grounded from his own Twitter account

Your word of the day is “auriferous” (aw-rif-uh-russ), which means containing gold. A 5.0 earthquake rocked Cushing, Oklahoma, on Sunday. Scientists say it’s due to fracking in the Midwest. Today is the last day to vote-by-mail. You can turn in your ballots at any mail box or on the TSC third floor. If you use […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Yeti spotting on Halloween

  The Wordies celebrated Halloween by talking about a funeral home that accidentally buried the wrong body. Josh tells you all about how we all live in The Twilight Zone. #BradAsks what is your biggest fear? A yeti brings you the weather report from 12-feet in the air. Gary Nate joined the Wordies in the […]


Chewing the Fat: You Are Brushing Your Teeth With Pig Lard

America is definitely a corn-fed population…. but we are fed a lot of other things too. We also get a lot of our everyday things from livestock who are eating the same corn that we are. This same corn also makes pretty much everything you own… A lot more people are tied to agriculture than […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: What Will Trump’s Halloween Costume Be?

We give you a special surprise episode that we didn’t even know we were going to do! We round up the political news from Friday, and discuss important issues like what Trump’s Halloween costume will be, what game will ruin your marriage, premiere a new segment: #BradAsks, and discover there’s a radio studio ghost.