Chewing the Fat Episode 5: Trump in Agriculture

We are back! sorry for the little break we took after Thanksgiving, but this episode is YUGE! We thought it would be fitting to discuss the new president’s policies on agriculture since his inauguration took place today. The 7 topics were covered in an article published on AGWeb from the Farm Journal back in November. […]


Nerd Lecture Hour #4: Lin Man-the Man-Manmanda

Join Dane and Ali as they bask in the radiant glory that is Lin Manuel Miranda’s career, past and present and future, with Name of the Wind the latest to be added to LinManMunMancha’s pocket of wonders and joy. Also featuring a super-mega-sode of Freddard Coyle: Private Wizard! The stunning conclusion to the “Privy To […]


Nerd Lecture Hour #4: Eat it, Warner Bros.

Ali and Dane return after a short hiatus for more Suicide Squad/DC/Warner Bros-bashing. I swear, we didn’t plan on this, it just keeps happening. Other topics include Pokemon Sun and Moon, Marvel’s Inhumans, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ghost in the Shell, and more! Actually, that might be it. All music in this episode was […]

Chewing the Fat: Thanksgiving Special

Neither of us enjoy premature Christmasing… but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re focusing on Thanksgiving, so join us in a feast of facts while we talk about where your food comes from, and which parts of the country is having you over for dinner. Minnesota has the turkey, Wisconsin has the cranberries, […]


EnviroPod Episode 2: Trump’s likely cabinet appointees, Nabokov, Butterfly genitalia, and whale sex

This week’s episode was a bit of an open rant because TRUMP. Hosts Darren Bingham and JD Herndon, along with producer Alyssa Roberts, discussed the ins and outs of what went wrong this election cycle, why Trump is bad for the environment (clean coal, anyone?). Somehow the conversation turned to Vladimir Nabokov’s studies of butterfly […]