Chewing the Fat Episode 5: Trump in Agriculture

We are back! sorry for the little break we took after Thanksgiving, but this episode is YUGE! We thought it would be fitting to discuss the new president’s policies on agriculture since his inauguration took place today. The 7 topics were covered in an article published on AGWeb from the Farm Journal back in November. […]

Chewing the Fat: Thanksgiving Special

Neither of us enjoy premature Christmasing… but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re focusing on Thanksgiving, so join us in a feast of facts while we talk about where your food comes from, and which parts of the country is having you over for dinner. Minnesota has the turkey, Wisconsin has the cranberries, […]


Chewing the Fat: You Are Brushing Your Teeth With Pig Lard

America is definitely a corn-fed population…. but we are fed a lot of other things too. We also get a lot of our everyday things from livestock who are eating the same corn that we are. This same corn also makes pretty much everything you own… A lot more people are tied to agriculture than […]