Aggie Morning Word Podcast: the South is on fire… literally

The word of the day is “sycophant,” which means a self-seeking servile flatterer; fawning parasite. Yesterday, the officer who shot and killed Philando Castile, a 32-year-old black man, was charged with second-degree murder.  Utah Policy: “Donald Trump’s policy advisors are reportedly considering adopting a registry for Muslims who enter the United States. One of his […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: National Fast Food Day

The word of the day is “sedulous,” which means persevering; eager and thorough. Today’s holiday is National Fast Food day. Though it’s a slam in the face because just yesterday Taco Bell decided to re-brand as a dine-in restaurant. They want to compete with Chipotle. #longlivetacobell #no Trump’s team and the Democratic party are shaking […]

Aggie Morning Word Podcast: NAFTA Rant

Sorry for the serious title, but this is some serious business. In todays episode we continue our 4-year mission to give you Trump coverage including his request for secret clearence for his children, cabinet decisions, and his inexplicable hate for NAFTA. The Aggie Morning Word Podcast is morning news, the modern way. #MorningShow Thanks for […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Facebook is under fire for dead people and misinformation

The word of the day is “collywobbles,” which means stomach pain or queasiness. Today is national spicy guacamole day and world diabetes day. No, that guy you met that one time at the party that you accidentally friended on Facebook hasn’t passed away. A glitch in the system has caused regular Facebook pages to briefly turn […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Michael Winslow! Where are you now?

Today is national Dunce Day, and also the day we elect this nation’s president. Coincidence? Today is the last day to vote at a physical polling location. If you’re a Logan resident, that’s the Cache County Clerk’s Office A mysterious ping has been heard on the bottom of the Arctic, in Northern Canada. Is Michael […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Yeti spotting on Halloween

  The Wordies celebrated Halloween by talking about a funeral home that accidentally buried the wrong body. Josh tells you all about how we all live in The Twilight Zone. #BradAsks what is your biggest fear? A yeti brings you the weather report from 12-feet in the air. Gary Nate joined the Wordies in the […]