Episode 10 Pals, Gals, and Depressing News

On this episode we learn a lot about the co-hosts, and you get a little behind the scenes look. Harry women play a part, and we talk about our taste in music. Also we learn about Rachel’s involvement with the A-Team, and what that entails. We talk about the change in late night, inventors from […]

Episode 9 Mark Madness

In this episode we see yet another visit from mark and his man-friend Chris. We also have our director Nate come talk about Logan city limits, and in addition to that we have our famous segment fact or Florida. If you think we forgot the dating segment we didn’t we talk about “the one”.  

Poetry + Beverage = Good Times

Cody and Riley hosted a live broadcast of poetry and a beverage here at USU, if you don’t know what poetry and a beverage is, it is a once a month activity where students can read poems they’ve prepared or sing songs they’ve written or covered. its a lot of fun also fun treats are […]

Episode 8 For whom the Taco Bell Tolls

On today’s episode we talk about what really matters to you, so you all know what that means: taco bell breakfast(check!), March/Marc Madness (check!), Andy telling us about politics (check!!). Most importantly listeners we heard what you like so we have our FAVORITE segment back “fact, or crazy thing that happened in Florida”. Listen for […]

Episode 7 We don’t need no Guest

The Triumphant Trio is back together in a classic style AGGIE NEWS ROOM, in this episode we talk about face book, do’s and don’ts of dating, and at the end of the episode we reveal a secret that will shock and change your life. Additionally we made our newest segment that is sure to be […]

Episode 6 The Flying Saucers of USU

On this episode we have guest house Abbey Wazeem, and the ultimate Frisbee club, will they make a case for their hobby being a sport or just an EFY activity? also we have self proclaimed robot kevbot to talk about tech, and i tell you what i really though about the Oscars, this and much […]

Episode 5 Sael-ing Around Campus

What happens when you get an uncouth and uncultured lady from the desert, pair her with two incessant jokesters, and invite some guests? Listen to this show to find out. On this episode we have Andy “the pasta” Pierucci to update us on the political world, and a member of S.A.E.L (Society for the Advancement […]

Episode 4 Hail to the Chiefs

On this episode we have all 3 candidates, for President of the student body, in addition to that we have the head of the bull pen (which is the creative writing club), and also we DON”T have cody who is absent due to a fight, what was it about, listen to find out, also standing […]

Episode 2 Comedy Club

Hey what’s funnier then our hosts, Cody, Riley and Rachel, well to be honest no one, but the USU comedy club comes close. we have fun talk about PDA, and even have a real life comedian in the house. Listen to be amazed, and to laugh.