Episode 5 Sael-ing Around Campus

What happens when you get an uncouth and uncultured lady from the desert, pair her with two incessant jokesters, and invite some guests? Listen to this show to find out. On this episode we have Andy “the pasta” Pierucci to update us on the political world, and a member of S.A.E.L (Society for the Advancement […]

Episode 4 Hail to the Chiefs

On this episode we have all 3 candidates, for President of the student body, in addition to that we have the head of the bull pen (which is the creative writing club), and also we DON”T have cody who is absent due to a fight, what was it about, listen to find out, also standing […]

Episode 2 Comedy Club

Hey what’s funnier then our hosts, Cody, Riley and Rachel, well to be honest no one, but the USU comedy club comes close. we have fun talk about PDA, and even have a real life comedian in the house. Listen to be amazed, and to laugh.

Episode 1 Illusions

In this number one news show here at Aggie Radio we talk about the news, the celebs (gossip like you couldn’t believe), and talk to the illusionist club. Will he pass the test on magic mike, you may be surprised. For more information check it out