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DJ of the month: Sydney Dahle

Sydney Dahle
Social Studies Composite Teaching major

Tell me about your show?
It’s on Mondays at 6 p.m. Mountain time. I have to say “Mountain time” because a lot of my friends and family from back home in Missouri tune in for it. I don’t really have a name for it right now, I just call it “my show.” My favorite thing about the radio show is that because I know so many people from back home are listening, it makes me feel like I still have a connection with them. When I’m in the booth, it’s like I’m talking to them.

How did you first hear about Aggie Radio?
Well, my dad did broadcasting when he was in college. So I kinda wanted to do that too, so I found it here and joined.

What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about Utah State University?
My least favorite thing is that it’s so far from my home in St. Louis, Missouri. But my favorite thing is that it’s a really cool campus. And I like mountains, because I don’t have those where I’m from. It’s good to experience a new culture, since I’ve lived in Missouri for most of my life. It’s very different here than it is there.

What artist or band have you been introduced to this year that’s impressed you the most?
Oh, Hippo Campus, for sure. I knew about them but I didn’t listen to them at all. Same with The Front Bottoms. I knew about them because they are on the same label as a lot of bands I listen to, but I guess I’d never looked into them. Both those bands have been really good to find out about.

What is your favorite live show you’ve ever attended?
So my favorite band is The Killers…I’m really basic, but they are my favorite. My mom and I got to go see them at a really small venue in Milwaukee in August. It was super intimate and amazing, the venue only held like 2,000 people. It was the greatest. The first time I ever saw The Killers was in 2013 at a festival, so there was a lot of people there and it didn’t feel intimate at all, so that made me super happy.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Logan?
I mean, I haven’t been here for very long…I do like the third floor of the TSC. I’m involved with Aggie Health too, so between that and radio I’m up there a lot. And the studio, of course.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
I wanna say music, but I know that’s not a tangible thing. I collect vinyl records and have a little over 60 now. That’s my favorite thing to do – pop a record in, turn on my light, get to work on some homework.

Do you have any current TV obsessions?
This is really funny but I’m actually writing a research paper in English on how psychology and sociology is used in South Park. I’ve never seen South Park until about two weeks ago, but now I’ve seen maybe 6 seasons in the past two weeks just because I keep watching it to see what else I’m going to put in my paper. It’s been very…weird…but also interesting because South Park as a whole is known to be controversial but one of the reasons why people are so uncomfortable with it is because it brings up issues that nobody really wants to talk about but that should be talked about.

Lightning round. What’s your favorite day of the week? I really like Wednesdays. It’s the middle of the week, so I’m like halfway done but still have some time left before the weekend.
Night or day? Day
Muffins or cupcakes? Muffins
Tea or coffee? Coffee, for sure.
Dogs or cats? Dogs
City or country? I like the city.
Do you have a middle name? I do, it is Anne. So my initials spell S.A.D.
And…Taylor Swift is? …Eh. I will admit I do have 1989 on vinyl just because the album was my guilty pleasure, but besides that I don’t listen to any other Taylor Swift album. But I can’t help but think that one is great.

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