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DJ’s of the Month: Andrew Robertson and McKayle Law

Tell me about your show?

McKayle: It’s on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm. It’s called Blues in the Night.

Andrew: That’s why we sit in the studio with the lights off during the show. It really sets the mood.

Why did you decide to do Blues in the Night?

McKayle: I just wanted to start a show featuring blues music and asked Andrew if he wanted to do it with me. The roots are blues or anything that’s come from blues, so we play R&B, jazz, soul, funk, we’re going to test out a little hip-hop and rap. Anything that has roots in blues.

Andrew: I came on to help and be a producer, since I’ve done radio shows before. I just hopped on and followed her lead.

How did you first hear about Aggie Radio?

McKayle: I’ve listened to it as long as I’ve lived in Logan, so about two and a half years. I decided I wanted to do a podcast last year and that was when I started coming to meetings.

Andrew: I heard about Aggie Radio five years ago. I actually did a show back then after working at Utah Public Radio and I wanted to keep doing radio. The show was called World’s Apart, it was like a psychedelic-electronic show.

Did you grow up in Logan? Where are you from?

Andrew: I grew up in Boise. I’ve lived in Logan since the summer of 2010 and have lived here off and on. I lived in Texas for a minute and Portland for a minute.

McKayle: I’m from Hooper…it sounds so country when I say that. I lived down in Southern Utah for a couple years and came up here to finish my degree.

Are there any 2018 releases you guys are stoked about?

Andrew: I actually thought about this earlier today. Nick Hakim! I hope he comes out with another album in 2018. I really hope he does and I think he will.

McKayle: Well if that’s the case, I have a list of “I hope”’s.

Andrew: It has to be practical…it was early 2017 when he came out with his most recent one. I think hopefully some of the attention he’s got from that album has fed him creatively.

McKayle: I’m looking forward to being surprised! I don’t listen to a lot of new stuff.

What is your favorite live show you’ve ever attended?

Andrew: That’s a really hard question!

McKayle: What made you cry? How about that?

Andrew: Oh yeah. I had a friend that was opening for Lydia, and I’d never heard of them before. It was one of their farewell tours and it was just so incredible and so moving. One of the most moving shows. That and Bon Iver was another moving one. But then there’s been so many fun ska shows, like seeing Reel Big Fish in a park in Boise. And hardcore shows when you are a teenager and have so much angst and go jump into the mosh pit and shove people around to get it all out…that was always great.

McKayle: I think…when I saw Jonsi, from Sigur Ros, that was really beautiful. I was in high school. I cried a lot. More recently, Aldous Harding was insane. She was so good live, like one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. She played with Andy Shauf. I would say those were my tops.

Andrew: Conor Oberst was really good recently too. I think it was just culminating in my life…he’s such an incredible writer and that was the first time I’ve seen him and he did not disappoint.

McKayle: We’ve given you too many answers now.

Andrew: Yeah, and none of them are blues.

What’s your favorite place in town?

Andrew: My bedroom? I really like my bedroom a lot. But honestly the roller rink at the Fun Park. Even though it’s bad, once you put on your roller skates, no one else matters.

McKayle: Have you been to Baxterland, USA?

Andrew: Did you make that up?

McKayle: No I didn’t! It’s a little abandoned cabin near Avon, it’s in Paradise. It’s really secret…it’s the best views of Cache Valley by far. Get to Baxterland, USA if you can.

Lightning round:

Night or day?

McKayle: Day.

Andrew: Blues in the Night, duh.

Beard or no beard?

McKayle: Beard.

Andrew: Beard.

Pants or shorts?

McKayle: Pants.

Andrew: Pants.

West Coast or East Coast?

McKayle: West Coast.

Andrew: West Coast for sure.

Hunter or gatherer?

McKayle: Gatherer.

Andrew: I’m…gonna say hunter. Even though I’m mostly vegan. Kind of.

Celebrity crush?

McKayle: Living or dead? Heath Ledger dead.

Andrew: Almost celebrity, Victoria Legrand from Beach House.

Have you ever slapped someone in the face?

McKayle: No.

Andrew: Hard? No.

McKayle: But you have?

Andrew: I mean, as a joke. A love tap. Almost like the Italians do.

Anything else you want to say?

McKayle: We want people to call in and tell us what they like! We’ll play anything that fits within the blues genre.

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