Who We Are

Aggie Radio is Utah State’s student radio station operated entirely by university students. Our station provides student-volunteers with a hands-on experience in the radio industry. Aggie Radio is a free format station, meaning that our student DJs select the genre and content for their shows. Partnering with Utah Public Radio, Aggie Radio broadcasts on HD Radio [92.3 HD3 – Logan].

Station Manager – JD Herndon

JD has an inherent love for college radio from growing up and listening to 88.1 WRFL in Lexington, KY. He went on to DJ many different shows for WRFL while getting his undergraduate degree in biology with minors in entomology and philosophy at the University of Kentucky. It was there he realized college and independent radio catalyze creativity and critical thinking in the surrounding community and vice versa. Now he and his top notch board of directors are on a mission to make KBLU that catalyst for cache valley and Utah State University.

JD’s other passions are science and nature. He was accepted as a USU Master’s student in collaboration with the USDA-ARS Pollinating Insect Research Unit on an NSF grant in spring 2016 to work on reproduction and nesting biology in wild bumble bee species. That semester he first joined KBLU by hosting “Colony Collapse – The show that uses sound and science to bring disorder to the beehive state.” This show morphed into an amalgam of his passions by playing an eclectic entropic variety of music while discussing science and interviewing scientists. You can still catch his show Monday 10 PM to midnight MST and download his interviews titled Colony Collapse Conversations. He has also produced Science Summaries that inform listeners about science seminars on and around USU campus. JD is also an outreach coordinator for the USU Entomology Club.

Contact him for any general inquiries about the station or information about getting involved. He will hook you up.


Music Director – Mekenna Malan

After working as the co-chair for the USU Independent Music Club and as a radio promotion intern for Terrorbird Media in Brooklyn, New York, Mekenna has settled back down at KBLU to bring Cache Valley the best tunes FM radio has to offer.

Contact Mekenna about any music-related matters, including questions concerning the format of our station, booking interviews or in-studio performances, or if you want to get your band on the radio.


Events Director – Byron Isaac Morales

If you are looking to find local live music for an event in town, need help getting ready for a house show, or just wanting to kick Aggie Radio at your next event, I can help! If you are an aspiring musician and want to start performing on Aggie Radio or in shows around Logan, send me a sample of your music and your contact information.

(435)-830-6594 (be sure to leave a message)


Traffic Director – Wyatt Jones

Hey there! My name is Wyatt, but a lot of people call me Jonesy. Call
me whatever you’d like. I’m studying international business in hopes
that one day I can start my own world-renowned record label. I am a
producer and DJ and I LOVE EDM!!! If you don’t know what EDM is by
now, just google it.

Anyways, enough about me. If you ever have anything that you want to
be put over the air, whether it be promotions for your own show or
information about an event coming up, come to me. I will be in the USU
podcast recording studio every Tuesday from 2-3PM. Please contact me
if you’re coming, but if you don’t want to do that, you can just show
up and I’ll help you whip up something super dope.



Technical Director – Ari Romo

I’m either the best or the worst person to watch movies with, I think I’m funny, and I like to run. My favorite Artist is Frank Turner and you should check him out.

Contact me for questions regarding Aggie Radio equipment, sound set ups for events, and training regarding the following: radio booth, equipment set up, podcasts, EAS and Adobe Audition. If I can’t answer your questions, I can definitely lead you to the right direction and help out in anyway way I can.


Sports Director – Jaden Johnson

Jaden has been heavily involved with broadcasting during his time at USU, most recently hosting specialty music show The Melting Pot and sports podcast Section 119. He also works as the play-by-play voice of USU women’s athletics for Mountain West Network, and is the current sports senior writer for the Utah Statesman.

Executive Producer of Aggie Radio Theater- Ross Baldwin

College student from Utah, USA. I enjoy a wide variety of music, with rock, alternative, and metal being my musical headquarters. I joined Aggie Radio through its satellite club Aggie Radio Theater (“RadThea”) around May 2017 and am currently the liason between the two clubs as well as the dork-of-all-trades who volunteers to help.
Fun Fact: I have been playing video games since before Y2K fever was hip. 
Subgenres I am currently exploring: industrial metal, nu metal, and psychedelic rock
Find/email me if you are interested in voice acting, audio engineering, or are wondering how to get more involved.