Station Manager

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Brady Stanger

Show Name: Super Human Power Hour

Favorite Type of Music: 90′s Punk Rock

Favorite Artist: Brand New, Say Anything

Years with Aggie Radio: 4 Years with Aggie Radio. 2 Years with Snow College’s Radio and 2 years at KWCR Weber State

Favorite Food:  Animals Something Unique: Fantasy Football Champion

Program Director


Zak Ricklefs

Show Name: Will You Pass the Skittles / Electro Nation

Favorite Type of Music: Electronic/Dance

Favorite Artist: The Wombats or deadmau5. 3 years with Aggie Radio, 2 years as a director.

Favorite Food: Pizza, or Burritos

Something Unique: I am a ski patroller.

Event Coordinator


Becky Eisenhower

Show Name: The Hustle

Favorite Type of Music: Indie/Alternative

Favorite Artist: Grouplove

Years With Aggie Radio: 3 years with Aggie Radio, 2 years as a director

Favorite Food: Pizza and Green Olives

Something Unique: I’am 100% British… but with no accent.

Music Director


Nate Dukatz

Favorite Music:  Indy Rock/Folk/Alternative/Electronic/Pop/Classic Rock

Favorite Artists: From Billy Joel to the Killers and many in between

Years with Aggie Radio: Going on 2 now Favorite Food:  Italian, Thai, Every

Fun Fact:  I am currently in two bands.  Bronze Museum (Indy/Americana/Rock) and Kitfox (Folk-Pop).  I play the drums mostly but also guitar and singing.

News Director


Emi Tano

Show name: Off the Bench Favorite

Type of music: classical (I play the violin so duh)

Favorite Artist: the cardigans

Years with Aggie Radio: 1 yr

Favorite food: spicy Korean dumplings and anything Thai

Unique: I am probably my the only Asian girl that knows that a quarterback isn’t a refund.