Music Programming Committee

Our music committee is responsible for picking which songs are played on the air and how music shows are conducted. Each week Aggie Radio gets several CDs from up and coming artists. Members of the Music Committee will report to the Music Director. 

Assistant Music Programming Director: Will assist with training of DJs on what music is to be played on Aggie Radio. Will filter music on the broadcasting software to ensure only playable music is available to DJs, and will make sure music from the music director is being put into the broadcasting software.

Head Music Monitor: Will be in charge of making sure each show is listened to an appropriate amount of times to ensure good music content. Will also head up music surveys of students and community members. Findings will be reported to the Assistant Music Programming Director or Music Programming Director.

Music Monitors: Will listen to certain shows determined by the Head Music Monitor and report findings. Will perform music surveys of students and community members, and report findings to Head Music Monitor.

Music Reviewers: Will listen to new artists and albums and provide written reviews for the Aggie Radio website and for the Utah College Radio Network.

Music Committee Member: Will be responsible for managing requests, picking music to be played on the air, and listening to and organizing albums.


For more information on the positions above contact:

Conor Flynn

Music Director: Conor Flynn