News Committee

The News Committee manages and provides content for Aggie Radio’s news shows and the News section of the Aggie Radio Website. Members of the News Committee will need to stay up to date on news as they take assignments from the News Director. 

On-Air Advisor: Will lead supervision and direction for all on-air content. Works with DJ’s to create better content each week. Will air recorded news casts from the correspondents. On-Air Advisor will lead peer review at weekly meeting. Reports directly to ND each week for status

Off-Air Advisor: Will lead supervision and direction for all off-air content. Will update the Aggie Radio website with articles from the correspondents. Work with DJ’s on constantly updating social media pages for their shows and Aggie Radio News. Reports directly to ND each week for

Correspondents: Will lead journalist for chosen subject of interest. Correspondents will report to both on-air and off-air advisors to write articles and record newscasts. Any committee member that doesn’t receive another position will be a correspondent. Some will be chosen for the larger subjects while others will be expected to decide what subject they’d like to cover. Correspondents will be expected to cover events that fall under their subject of interest. Main subjects that we will have correspondents for areas such as: Entertainment, University News, Local News, Utah News, National News, Book and Movie Reviews.

Utah College Radio Network Correspondents: Will be responsible for producing content to be played at other college radio stations across the state. These correspondents will be trained on recording and sound editing software as they produce weekly sound bytes.

Website Content Correspondents: Will write stories for the Aggie Radio website. Content for the Aggie Radio website should be unique and original in an effort to provide content that will appeal to Utah State’s unique student audience.


For more information on the positions above contact:


Clay Marsh

News Director: Clay Marsh