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Notable pre-release: Pearl Charles – Sleepless Dreamer

Emerging psychedelic-folk singer-songwriter Pearl Charles gives us a taste of her 2018 release, Sleepless Dreamer, in two recently delivered singles that showcase a much groovier and matured songwriting style in comparison to her first self-titled EP. The titular track is brought forth alongside the funky and melodic “Night Tides,” which are both steps forward in terms of compositional complexity for the young Los Angeles native.

Charles can be described as a cross between First Aid Kit and the Bee Gees, blending folk, americana, and classic rock to produce a truly unique sound that is difficult to nail down with one genre label. “Night Tides” is complete with sixties-esque descending chimes, rhythmic electric guitar riffs, and a catchy bassline that begs for a Batusi or two. Her voice loftily floats alongside each chord progression, harmonizing rather than standing on its own, and acting as a mere aid to the arrangement. Her music is certainly catchy, but she struggles to make any statement of profundity just yet. Either way, Pearl Charles is an artist worthy of keeping an eye on.

Sleepless Dreamer is set to be fully released in early 2018, so be ready for Pearl Charles to give us something fresh and unique to begin the new year.

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