Season 2 001

In this launch of season 2 of popcorn culture we talk about movies, reviews, and what we love, with me “Riley McDirty Thompson” and my new host Rachael Fuentes, this is just the pilot for season 2 but we will have more next week enjoy and listen  

Pobev 2: Electric Boog-a-Loo

  We live broadcast this episode of poetry and a beverage part two, for the event on 04.26.14, this time it’s the ever lovable Riley McDirty Thompson and guest co-host Brandon the Chump/Champ (depends on who you ask) we have lots of songs including a great version of the holes theme song, some intense poems, […]

Episode 12 So long and see you soon

  This is our last show of the semester but fear not we’ll be back next year, and we have a lot of great content this episode. We have Mark and his man friend Chris to tell us what is happening in sports. Additionally, we play the ultimate game of “Fact or Florida”, and have […]