Episode 11 Interviews & Date Disasters

n this episode we almost have a political guess but sadly they left, *cough, cough (Andy). But never the less we have a great show where we talk about entertainment news, the depressing news which is both local and national, but don’t worry we keep it positive with things like fact or Florida. Also we […]

Mideau in the Studio

On this mini Extra-Sode we talk to the band Mideau (hard to pronounce), one the the hottest bands in utah, with a member from logan and based out of provo. We’ll see what inspires them and how they enjoyed being in Logan City Limits.  

Moth & the Flame & Us

On this mini-sode we talk to the band The moth & the Flame, this local provo band is up and coming and has toured with big bands such as imagine dragons, and we here at Aggie News Room get to pick their brain  

Episode 10 Pals, Gals, and Depressing News

On this episode we learn a lot about the co-hosts, and you get a little behind the scenes look. Harry women play a part, and we talk about our taste in music. Also we learn about Rachel’s involvement with the A-Team, and what that entails. We talk about the change in late night, inventors from […]

Episode 9 Mark Madness

In this episode we see yet another visit from mark and his man-friend Chris. We also have our director Nate come talk about Logan city limits, and in addition to that we have our famous segment fact or Florida. If you think we forgot the dating segment we didn’t we talk about “the one”.  


Westward the Tide

“In the short amount of time they’ve been together (barely more than a year), Provo’s Westward the Tide have proven that the local scene won’t be able to contain them for long. Undoubtedly bound for national success, the folk/indie-rock six-piece crafts their jangly, porch-stompin’ sound with acoustic guitar, piano, viola—a unique touch by Jordan Towner—triumphant […]


The Moth and The Flame

The Moth and the Flame have been creating earnest and heady alternative indie-rock since 2011. They have been heralded as one of the top emerging artists in the western United States, and as a “band to watch” coming out of their new home in Los Angeles. Formed in the high desert of Provo Utah, TM&TF […]

Poetry + Beverage = Good Times

Cody and Riley hosted a live broadcast of poetry and a beverage here at USU, if you don’t know what poetry and a beverage is, it is a once a month activity where students can read poems they’ve prepared or sing songs they’ve written or covered. its a lot of fun also fun treats are […]

Episode 8 For whom the Taco Bell Tolls

On today’s episode we talk about what really matters to you, so you all know what that means: taco bell breakfast(check!), March/Marc Madness (check!), Andy telling us about politics (check!!). Most importantly listeners we heard what you like so we have our FAVORITE segment back “fact, or crazy thing that happened in Florida”. Listen for […]