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    Free Association – Episode 3 Vulnerability

    So often when students talk about vulnerability with me in therapy, I hear the phrase, “I don’t want to be a burden.” On this episode, I talk with Jonathan Huston, a counselor at CAPS about how our language and culture contribute to the belief that being vulnerable means being a burden and how to get past barriers to vulnerability. Students share why they think ...

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    Album review: Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

    Car Seat Headrest’s 2011 magnum opus Twin Fantasy will perhaps be remembered as one of the definitive breakups albums of the 2010s. Will Toledo’s home-recorded, reverbed-out treatise on sexuality, sadness and memory is just as potent now as it was 6 years ago, and looking back, it’s easy to see why it put Car Seat Headrest on the modern indie map. CSH’s ...

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    Album review: Negro Galacticus – Negroes With Telepathy

    Negro Galacticus’s eponymous debut album is probably one of the funnest albums no one has ever heard. Boasting a truly original combination of garage rock, funk, reggae, afropunk and hip hop, the album’s smooth guitar work, laid-back grooves and dense yet nimble rapping made it one of my personal favorite releases of 2015. Now, 3 years later (to the day!), Negro G ...

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    Show review: Palm at Kilby Court

    2/27/18 It’s been a long time since I’ve watched an art-rock band perform. It’s the kind of show where everyone is dressed in black and chain smoking and none of the girls or guys are wearing any makeup. I usually only trek down to Kilby Court in Salt Lake City these days to watch groups of friends play songs that I’ve heard ...

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    Album review: The Dwarves – Take Back the Night

    The Dwarves have always trafficked in all things tasteless, violent and scatological, their public personas somewhere between the rampaging psychopathy of GG Allin and the more performative shock-rock antics of Alice Cooper. But underneath all the album-cover nudity and bloody onstage antics, frontman Paul Cafaro (AKA Blag Dahlia) and his cohorts have been peddling a relatively meat-and-potatoes strain of punk rock since ...

    On February 26, 2018 / By