Station Manager’s Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will work directly under the station manager to accomplish special projects and improve Aggie Radio. Members of the Executive committee will be assigned to specific tasks for directors.


Website Supervisor: Will work closely with the station manager and technical director to ensure that the Aggie Radio website is interesting and accessible. The Website supervisor will upload content.

Head Designer: Responsible for graphic design for Aggie Radio. The Head designer will create promotional material such as posters, shirts, and items as well as create content for shows and the Aggie Radio Website.

Utah College Radio Network Representative: Responsible for providing content to the UCRN as well as representing the interest of Aggie Radio to other colleges in Utah. The UCRN representative will be responsible for creating a weekly newsletter to be sent to other campuses. The UCRN Representative will also attend UCRN conferences with the Board of Directors.

DJ Liaison: Will be responsible of overseeing DJ morale. The DJ Liason will organize contests to encourage DJs to produce good shows, represent DJ concerns to the Station manager, and will assist DJs with special projects.

Photographers: Will lend their photography skills to directors and shows for special projects. Photographers will also take photographs for the Aggie Radio Website and social media pages.

Videographers: Will create, edit, and upload videos to Youtube in Aggie Radio’s name. These videos will include: Show introductions, news stories, and live events.


For more information on the positions above contact:


Cody Scott


Station Manager: Cody Scott

Phone: 801-497-1891


Alt Email: