Aggie Morning Word: Woman blames car crash on Sasquatch

On today’s episode of the Aggie Morning Word Podcast, Morgan Pratt and Bradley Robinson discuss the Hong Kong elections, Gorsuch’s nomination, a pending government shutdown, and Tomi Larhen’s dismissal from The Blaze. Also, Morgan tells of a time in the recent past when she was kicked out of court for wearing a classy tanktop. All that […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Flying drones around livestock is now illegal

Last week, Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill into law that makes it illegal for people to fly drones near livestock, a year after they were banned around forest fires last year. Andreas Wessemann, an assistant professor of the USU Aviation Technology program, tells Morgan Pratt and Brad Robinson that there is a new USU class to […]


Aggie Morning Word: Senator breaks perfect voting streak and cries

Tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands heat up. President Trump says “you’re fired” to tons of judges. The only bipartisan issue these days is cancer. Ed Sheeran joins the cast of Game of Thrones, despite looking like a hobbit. Michelle Obama wrote a college recommendation letter for “Black-ish” actress Yara Shahidi. All that and more […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Facebook is under fire for dead people and misinformation

The word of the day is “collywobbles,” which means stomach pain or queasiness. Today is national spicy guacamole day and world diabetes day. No, that guy you met that one time at the party that you accidentally friended on Facebook hasn’t passed away. A glitch in the system has caused regular Facebook pages to briefly turn […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Trump is grounded from his own Twitter account

Your word of the day is “auriferous” (aw-rif-uh-russ), which means containing gold. A 5.0 earthquake rocked Cushing, Oklahoma, on Sunday. Scientists say it’s due to fracking in the Midwest. Today is the last day to vote-by-mail. You can turn in your ballots at any mail box or on the TSC third floor. If you use […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Everything you know about dinosaur rawrs is wrong

Scientists say dinos didn’t actually roar. A man nearly shot a person while hunting for zombies in the middle of the night, police allege. Fire safety week was last week. Voter fraud isn’t actually something that happens very often. And Dracula’s fortress in Transylvania will be open to visitors for Halloween Eve for the first […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Trump Knows Why Canadians Really Move Here

Clinton and Trump debate… again. Clinton defends herself for sexual allegations against her husband… again. Trump said sexist stuff… again.Updates on Matthew: The hurricane downsized but is still dangerous. Aggie Morning Word is the morning news the modern way. You can hear us weekdays from 8-9 a.m. on KBLU 92.3. #morningshow


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: A man was banned from riding the bus because he always reeks of pot

The price of coffee is getting more and more expensive because Brazil didn’t get enough rain to sustain all of their coffee beans. Someone released D. Trump’s taxes without him knowing. Utah State University is starting a new campaign to raise awareness about consent. Also, a man in Washington was banned from riding the bus […]