Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Bioluminescent Beer

Today is national pastry day. The U.S. government is on the verge of a shutdown. Again. The government shuts down on saturday if the senate doesn’t put more money in the piggy bank. Nothing like a little bipartisan holiday cheer. (TheSkimm.) Trump taps Andrew Puzder, CEO of the Carl’s Jr. Fast-food franchise, to be secretary […]


EnviroPod Episode 2: Trump’s likely cabinet appointees, Nabokov, Butterfly genitalia, and whale sex

This week’s episode was a bit of an open rant because TRUMP. Hosts Darren Bingham and JD Herndon, along with producer Alyssa Roberts, discussed the ins and outs of what went wrong this election cycle, why Trump is bad for the environment (clean coal, anyone?). Somehow the conversation turned to Vladimir Nabokov’s studies of butterfly […]


Aggie Morning Word: Black Market Surgeons are a Great Deal!

A discussion with democratic candidate for U.S. senate Misty Snow about economic disparity, campaign financing and Pokemon Go. The great clearance sale for Zika Virus is over, Josh says he doesn’t want career butchers getting his meat ready, and we have to turn again to Pokemon for some good news.