Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Laurie Snow Turner named the Statesman and bleeds blue

In a state filled with reds (UofU) and blues (BYU), Laurie Snow Turner is a true blue. She was the editor of the Utah Statesman during the 1978-79 school year. That’s when she, along with Larry Baker, changed the name from Student Life to the Utah Statesman because it’s more professional. Laurie discusses how newsrooms survived […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Michael Winslow! Where are you now?

Today is national Dunce Day, and also the day we elect this nation’s president. Coincidence? Today is the last day to vote at a physical polling location. If you’re a Logan resident, that’s the Cache County Clerk’s Office A mysterious ping has been heard on the bottom of the Arctic, in Northern Canada. Is Michael […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Can anyone stop Rob Bishop’s power grab? Dr. Peter Clemens believes so!

Exclusive interview with Dr. Peter Clemens today! He’s running against Rob Bishop for Utah’s 1st Congressional District, and he throws the gauntlet down! Also in today’s episode, we talk about Space Junk, Beer-powered batteries, and Billy Bush’s silly name. Hosts: Peter LaBarge, Cat St. Claire, Joe Stephens