Upcoming Lineup

  • August 29th – Michael Ballam  of Utah Festival Opera and Konie Humphreys of Aggie Care
  • September 5 – Ed Morrissey,  Senior Editor and Correspondent for HotAir.com and Matthew LaPlante Blogger at The Center Mass, Journalist at The Liberty Well, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Utah State University, editor at NoDropouts.org
  • September 12 – Donny Boaz, actor in “Dallas” “MY All American” movie with Aaron Eckhart , “One Heart” w/Matthew Lillard and “Left Behind” with Nicholas Cage. on the second hour is our own Dawn Kirby, Senior Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • September 19 – JCOM Professor Cathy Bullock
  • September 26th – Marca Tanner – Family law attorney in Cache Valley
  • October 3rd – Lorii Ann Hubbard, director and crisis counselor in Cache Valley
  • October 10th – Michelle Bogdan, Director/Nontraditional Student Programs



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