Once in a while something so bizarre comes along, it single handily restores all faith in humanity.

First thing’s first: (besides me being the realest) Sia’s Chandelier has been nominated for a couple of awards this season, which comes as no surprise. It is a pretty powerful song. It is hard not to have heard this song, as it has dominated radio stations and can’t be avoided. Except, somehow hipsters avoid everything.

What is easier to miss is the crazy music video for this song. It is a contemporary dance, so that should give a good idea of what to expect. Not to hate on contemporary dance—because it takes absurd amounts of skill—but I just don’t get it.

A powerful song with a strange video. What are we missing? Right, someone losing a Fantasy Football bet and having to recreate the music video!

Enter: Chuck Jose.

BRAVO! BRAVO! One of the greatest performances of our lifetime!

The key things to note are his precise replication of the original, and his total commitment. Very few can pull off what just happened as well as this man. I am putting this one in my “Jason Tebbs Hall of Fame.”