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Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer
WF Class:
ID 1750
Meeting Place:
Main floor of the ESLC at the tables near the computer lab
Here is My Brief Bio:
I'm Andrew or Drew or whatever you'd like to call me as long as it isn't Andy. I'm an English Education major with a minor in History. I'm a longtime resident of Cache Valley, which I'm sort of ambivalent about. I dig music that I can wail along to in the shower, and I prefer satire and black humor in my personal reading. I like sleeping underneath the stars in the summer and cursing the snow in the winter. I'm married to a sweet girl from Hong Kong who does not find my sarcasm very funny. I firmly believe that 'swag' is a completely acceptable word in certain context of academic writing, though many professors have disagreed. All of that aside, I'm always excited to help, especially in the painful, though sometimes joyful, realm of writing.

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