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Jessica Nielsen

Jessica Nielsen
WF Class:
NDFS 2020
Meeting Place:
I will be meeting in the ESLC basement and I will have a name tag so you can find me.
Here is My Brief Bio:
Hey there! My name is Jessica, but please call me Jess! I am an Animal and Dairy Science Major with a Bio Veterinary Emphasis, and you guessed it, I hope to become a veterinarian someday. I love watching movies, hiking or horseback riding up beautiful Logan Canyon, am obsessed with Disneyland and Elvis Presley, skiing in the long winter, and my absolute favorite thing to do is wake surf (if you don't know what that is I am so sorry for your no-chill life). I am so excited to help you with your writing this semester, because even those of us who aren't "English people" can still write amazing papers!

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