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Kolbie Astle

Kolbie Astle
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Kolbie loves to write, and she loves to help other people write. In fact, all she does is write and edit essays. She gains legitimate pleasure from forming sentences and paragraphs in an academic and structurally pleasing manner. Spending hours and hours pondering the aesthetic difference between a semi-colon and a period is something she does on a daily basis. If cheating wasn't punishable by expulsion, she would probably just offer to write your papers for you. I daresay she may even present you with a considerable sum for the courtesy. As it is, it will simply have to suffice to meet with you, students, for 20 to 25 minutes twice a semester. If you see someone fidgeting in her chair on the North side of the the fourth floor of the library with pencils in her hair, red pens in her hand, and a manic look about her face, either present her with a paper to edit, or just walk away. Thank you for your business.

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