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Sarah Stringham

WF Class:
HIST 3770
Meeting Place:
I meet in the basement of the Merrill Caizer Library. When you walk into the library, there is an information desk on your left. Next to the information desk, there's a set of stairs that go down to the basement. I meet on the couches at the bottom of those stairs. I will have a sign so you can find me.
Here is My Brief Bio:
Hey all! My name is Sarah Stringham. I am studying English and Communications. For your reading pleasure, here are three random facts about me:
(1) My favorite band is the Beatles
(2) I am addicted to ice cream, and
(3) I hate elevators.
I can't wait to work with you on- on-one this semester. Don't fret, together we will make your papers awesome. Feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you have anytime. Cheers!

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